Xiaomi overtakes Elon Musk and presents a humanoid robot

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that in China, Xiaomi It is one of the country’s great companies, not only in the technology sector; its influence reaches all aspects of daily life, and it is not surprising that it is expanding more and more.

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Even so, Xiaomi still manages to surprise us, launching products that, honestly, are far removed from the smartphones for which it is most famous in Spain. For example, many people do not know that Xiaomi has come a long way in robotics, with the launch of the cyberdog.

Xiaomi’s robot

In today’s presentation of Xiaomi Mix Fold 2the Chinese company has taken the opportunity to take the next step, presenting an authentic humanoid robot like those in science fiction movies.

The CyberOne may be familiar to you, because Xiaomi is not the first, much less, to try something similar. In fact, one of the most controversial and famous personalities in the technology sector, Elon Musk, already announced the Tesla Bot a year ago, but the unit that appeared at the time was only a proof of concept and was not functional. Now, Xiaomi seems to have gotten ahead of Musk.

The CyberOne doesn’t look as futuristic as Musk’s robot, but that works in its favor, because it doesn’t really seem to have a problem performing basic functions. At the presentation, the robot approached Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, holding a flower in his hand to demonstrate the precision of his mechanical hands, up to 1nm; after handing it to him, doing a couple of poses and taking a selfie (?), the robot left the stage without major problems.

The best detail is that when a person from the organization came out to help, he did so to take Lei Jun’s cell phone, not to take the robot, showing how much they trust their system.

This robot is 177 centimeters tall, like a normal person, and weighs 52 kg, so it is not as heavy as it may seem from its movements. Thanks to the 13 joints, it is capable of performing a wide variety of movements. Its expressiveness is greatly helped by the fact that it has an OLED screen on the ‘face’, capable of showing up to 45 different types of emotions, and that it hides cameras and microphones necessary for communication.

The CyberOne will be available at a price between 600,000 and 700,000 yuan (86,000 and 100,000 euros), making it clear that it is not a device for the average user.

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Xiaomi overtakes Elon Musk and presents a humanoid robot