Would you know how to answer the two questions that Jeff Bezos, president of Amazon, asked in a job interview?

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The online commerce company par excellence is called Amazon. In the last ten years, its growth has been brutal; in 2021 they invoiced nearly 470,000 million dollars, which has made it the second company with the highest brand level worldwide, ahead of Google and only behind Apple.

The evolution of the number of employees has also been surprising in the last decade. In 2011 they had 56,200 workers worldwide (already a very important figure), but ten years later they could boast of having 1,608,000 people! on your payroll.

Our ‘working’ boss, Eva Porto (@evaportorrhh), who just yesterday began his collaborations for Elle.es explaining to us chow to write a good resume and a cover letter, has explained on his Instagram profile a anecdote of the most interesting that has to do with the ‘top man’ of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and a job interview he did to one of his former employees.

Is about Ann Hiatt, currently a leadership consultant and author of the bestselling book Bet on yourself, who was the right hand of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Bezos himself. hiatt, what had no experience in the position for which Bezos was interviewing him, he had to reason very well to answer both questions correctlys and be chosen for the job.

The first question would leave any candidate speechless: “I want you to calculate the number of window panes in the city of Seattle.” As Eva Porto explains, what Bezos wanted was to check Hiatt’s reasoning ability, who thought of the city’s population, more or less a million people, and from there he went on to calculate that all of them would have offices, houses, schools. … “Then he went on to estimate the averages of these elements and analyze all the possible scenarios until he reached an estimated number,” says our ‘working’ boss.

The second question is perhaps more common: “Which are your career goals?”. According to Eva Porto, the candidate answered perfectly by making three points clear. First, his commitment to the company by saying: “Amazon has proven to be a company full of ambitious and passionate people. I want to be like them and learn what they know. Your strengths are in the areas that I personally want to develop, so the The value of the experience is obvious, even if it seems like a deviation from my goal of being a teacher.

Second, your motivation, because even though I didn’t know how to be an assistant, “I knew the importance of constantly stepping out of my comfort zone. I wanted to launch myself into an astronomical learning and growth curve.” Precisely learning was one of the concepts he emphasized to fully convince Bezos because, he warns, “No one wants to hire a know-it-all.”

And if they asked you how many windows the city of Madrid has, what would you say? Do you have an answer ready about your professional goals or about where you will be in five years? How would you captivate your interviewer?

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Would you know how to answer the two questions that Jeff Bezos, president of Amazon, asked in a job interview?