Would Mark Zuckerberg come to Peru? Hearing date is estimated for the Piuran lawyer’s lawsuit

The piuran lawyer Juan Mejia Seminary has stated that the hearing of his lawsuit against mark zuckerbergCEO of Meta, will be dated in “two or three months” and will require the presence of the multimillionaire in Peru.

The lawyer spoke with The Republic about his controversial lawsuit that he filed at the beginning of the year for having been suspended from his account Facebook having assured “that the coronavirus was a creation of man and China.”

Would Mark Zuckerberg arrive in Peru?

According to Mejía, the date previously indicated for the hearing was June 17. However, it was postponed because as it is an international demand, a notification must be made via the Foreign Ministry and the Consulate.

The lawyer pointed out that, in addition, the papers had to be done with an official translator recognized by the entities, with expenses that had to be assumed by the plaintiff himself.

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Mejía Seminario pointed out that it is not necessary that mark zuckerberg come to Peru for his defense, but may appoint a legal representative through a power of attorney.

It should be remembered that the lawyer from Piura denounced the CEO of Goal after being suspended from his Facebook account for his posts about the origin of COVID-19.

“China will have to answer to the world for COVID-19. For the thousands of dead, for the mutilated families. China, according to the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the virologist Luc Montaignier, created the virus to damage the world’s economies,” Mejía published on the social network.

Behind the pandemicFacebook radicalized measures against disinformation due to the coronavirus, suspending and blocking accounts that share false news and spread fear on its social network.

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The lawyer asks for a compensation of 300 thousand dollars and assures, according to the media, that he will use it in environmental projects.

Mejía calls himself the first Latin American to take Zuckerberg to court. He also declares that in Europe there are eight people who have also denounced this same outrage and three in the United States, which the courts have declared founded claims similar to his.

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Would Mark Zuckerberg come to Peru? Hearing date is estimated for the Piuran lawyer’s lawsuit