Would Elon Musk be interested in buying McDonald’s?

After buying Twitter for $44 billion, billionaire Elon Musk has flirted with buying other companies. The also owner of Tesla and SpaceX has been very active on his Twitter account in recent days.

After confirming the acquisition of the social network, in addition to communicating his thoughts on hypothetical investments, he also indicated the changes that he considers necessary for a better functioning of the platform.

The South African joked about buying the multinational giant Coca-Cola. “Then I buy Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in”the tycoon wrote after taking over Twitter.

He later jokingly mentioned the company’s official account again by quoting his tweet. “The real magic is just a sip away (Current Coca-Cola Slogan!!)”added with a laugh Musk, who has almost 90 million followers on Twitter.

Along the same lines, he dedicated a few words to McDonald’s, the largest hamburger sales company in the world.

Musk responded to an edited image of a tweet of his in which he claimed he would buy McDonald’s to fix the ice cream machines.

“Listen, I can’t do miracles ok”, pointed out the South African, completely discarding his intentions to take over the company due to the difficulties that trying would imply.

Elon Musk, however, confirmed the purchase of shares “in various companies that make products and services that *you* believe in.” And, by way of advice, he added: “Only sell if you think your products and services are trending worse. Don’t panic when the market does. This will serve you well in the long run.”

What will change on Twitter?

Twitter, a company co-founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006, came under a single owner, Elon Musk, who has been a self-proclaimed defender of freedom of expression. In that sense, he said that for the public to maintain trust in the social network, it must be politically neutral, “which effectively means bothering the extreme right and the extreme left alike.”

In this regard, he mentioned that the extreme political left “hates everyone, including themselves”, but that thought does not make him a fan of the extreme right, therefore, he urged everyone on the social network to reply “less hate and more love”.

Among the changes to be implemented, he mentioned that direct messages must be end-to-end encrypted to prevent them from being atoned for. “Let’s make Twitter as fun as possible!” he said.

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Would Elon Musk be interested in buying McDonald’s?