With what Bill Gates earns per minute, he could buy 6 luxurious houses in Bogotá every hour

This is what the economic portal ensures Business Insider, which also indicates that the fortune of Bill Gates has grown by almost $ 41 billion during 2020, a year of pandemic in which many inhabitants of the world went bankrupt and lost everything.

The American has a net account of 151,000 million dollars, according to Bloomerg, what makes him the fourth richest person in the world, behind Jeff Bezos -that set an all-time high for the amount of money he made last year—, Elon Musk y Bernard Arnult.

Nor dividing the fortune with his ex wife, from which he would have hidden in a mansion, Gates would cease to be one of the planet’s billionaires, according to Business Insider.

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He is such a millionaire, indicates the portal, that it would take 400 years to run out of a peso, if one million dollars were spent a day. He even adds, he could give 15 dollars to each inhabitant of the planet – about 57,500 Colombian pesos – and even so he would continue with 28,000 million dollars.

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How much does Bill Gates earn per minute?

Based on data from last year, Business Insider says the billionaire –very involved in the subject to combat COVID-19—He earns 463 dollars, per second (almost 1,800,000 pesos), on average. That is, per minute, Bill Gates gets $ 27,780, about 106 million Colombian pesos.

Per hour, Gates would have earned more than 6,000 million pesos, which would be enough to buy 6 luxury homes of up to 1,000 million pesos; a more unusual figure if one takes into account that in a single day the tycoon could buy up to 144 houses in Bogotá.

However, just last year, the American earned much more per minute according to the portal’s calculations; 78,006 dollars, almost 300 million pesos, was what he managed to obtain in just 60 seconds.

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