Windows hides a nod to the arrest of Bill Gates in 1977 and it is so curious that very few knew about it

Bill Gates, known for his relationship with Microsoft and his subsequent career as a philanthropist, is one of the most influential people in the world. For several decades, part of society is paralyzed when it shares an opinion, develops an idea or offers his vision on a specific aspect. However, what few know about Gates is that, like so many other people who populate the planet, he has also committed some other mistake who has paid dearly. And, if not, that they tell their self of 1977 who suffered a curious arrest.

As they point out Genbeta’s companionsalmost ago 50 years Gates was arrested for driving without a license. Thus, this situation gave rise to one of the best-known police records in history, a photograph in which a young Gates can be seen holding a New Mexico sign, since that was where he was arrested for his infraction. However, what Gates did not expect (or perhaps did) is that Microsoft used this photo as inspiration for sign in to windows 8a curiosity has regained popularity almost a decade later.

A Bill Gates joke or a surprise from the developers?

Apparently, this silhouette first appeared during the development of Windows 8 in late 2011/early 2012. Unlike the usual login outlines, this one featured detailed hair density and a distinctive neck that hinted at a shirt. For this reason, users began an investigation that revealed that, in effect, that silhouette corresponded to the photo of Bill Gates’ mugshot. In this way, it is as curious as funny to see the particular tribute that the development team paid to Gates, although there is a question that has no answer: Was Bill Gates aware of this prank?

So while this was the time the silhouette was most popular, it’s not the only time Microsoft users have been able to unknowingly use Gates. In Outlook, when the Social Connector function was integrated in 2010 to have all your contacts at hand, the silhouette of all those who did not have an associated profile photo was that of Gates himself. In this way, this is one of those many times that, albeit in a curious way, homage is paid to a specific situation in the most unexpected way possible.

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Windows hides a nod to the arrest of Bill Gates in 1977 and it is so curious that very few knew about it