Will Elon Musk buy BTS, the South Korean band? this is known

Elon Musk is a millionaire with global fame who has positioned himself as one of the best businessmen that currently exist. He is known to be a leader and co-founder of the Tesla company, responsible for the manufacture and distribution of electric vehicles, also founded the aerospace company SpaceX.

It is popular thanks to its investments and shopping, because a few weeks ago his name became a trend after he announced his interest for acquiring the social network Twitter, which is one of the most used platforms in the world, although after several days, the talks generated different conflicts between the parties involved.

However, for now has withdrawn from this type of business, since he recently announced in a interview what would like buy the South Korean K-Pop band BTS, which has become one of the most popular Asian youth groups heard in the world, since so far they have accumulated thousands of fans.

How much would BTS cost Elon Musk?

It was during a video that the businessman talked about his plans, he mentioned that he was extremely interested in buying from BTS, and argued that he considers them a very popular band at the moment.

Likewise, he asked the followers of these artists called “Armies” your opinion regarding this possible transaction “I want to buy BTS. They are very popular. What do you think?”said the tycoon originally from South Africa.

after he would issue this statement, some specialists and the media indicated that the purchase would have an approximate value of 36 billion dollars, which gives a larger approximation to the 724 billion pesos Mexicans, this according to the current currency exchange,

Until now, Musk He has not given more details about this business, or if at some point he is going to formalize it. It is expected that in case of starting with the transaction he shares more information. In the same way, he has shown that he likes the music of these artists.

Musk Unveils Humanoid Robot Prototype

The name of Elon Musk The same has become viral after last Friday it announced the launch of its humanoid robot called ‘optimus’, at the moment the project is still a prototype, but it is said that it is already in the last phase before for it to go on the market.

the founder of Tesla commented that this artifact has the ability to perform different daily tasks, with which they can do more simple life for human beings, some of its functions are watering plants, transport boxes and moving metal bars.

The announcement of this presentation was made during a event on artificial intelligence at the Tesla offices in Palo Alto, in California, USA. As soon as it goes on sale, it is estimated that the value will be close to 20 thousand dollars.

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Will Elon Musk buy BTS, the South Korean band? this is known