Why the richest men in the world did not finish college or have an MBA

In a time when money is idolized, the gods are earthly and their figure corresponds to that of The world’s richest men, like Bill Gates or Elon Musk, we are dedicated to analyzing how they have achieved it, if dressing like Steve Jobs We will be able to accumulate as many rooms as he does or if by leaving the university to start an idea like Mark Zuckerberg we would be able to sell it for a few million.

Because, as we know from the movie The social network (2010), the founder of facebook did not complete any of the races (Psychology and Computer Science) in which he enrolled at Harvard. He also made pellets Steve Jobs, who was absent from Reed College in Portland (Oregon, USA) after six months there, according to Wikipedia, due to the large financial outlay it entailed.

So a question has assailed us:we are overestimating college education, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and postgraduate degrees as a prior requirement to achieve professional success? Do they teach you in the classrooms how to sell or how to be an entrepreneur?

The answer is that it is better to train than not. In case you were already thinking of throwing the books away. According to a Master’s Thesis prepared at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas by Itziar Méndez de Vigo, do a postgraduate can guarantee the graduate a better salary Compared to what a young person who enters the labor market with a university degree can perceive. The conclusion after a survey of 338 companies was that “there are significant differences in salary level of graduates from Bachelor’s degrees compared to Master’s, who earn an average of 1,795.76 euros more per year ”.

Today’s billionaires who dropped out of school or college are exceptions (and with very bright brains). But well known exceptions. There are the mentioned Steve Jobs (Apple) y Bill Gates (Microsoft), but the list is long: Ray Kroc (McDonald’s), film directors Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, the russian millionaire Roman Abramovich

The information technology sector joins that payroll Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), Steve Ballmer (former CEO of Microsoft), Jan Koum (co-founder of WhatsApp), Matt Mullenweg (WordPress creator) and Richard Branson (Virgin), who dropped out at 16. By the way, at that age he founded his first successful company, when he published the magazine Student.

German will sound less to you Theo Mueller, who didn’t even graduate from high school. When he took over his father’s dairy farm, he had five workers. Today it employs 30,000 and enjoys a net worth of 5.2 billion dollars at 81 years old. And without studying.

Jack Ma, former chairman of Alibaba, the Chinese Amazon, and one of the richest men in China (with $ 40.9 billion worth of wealth), once said: “It is not necessary to study an MBA. Most MBA graduates are not helpful. Unless they come back from their MBA studies and forget what they learned in school. Because schools teach knowledge, while Starting a business requires wisdom. Wisdom is acquired through experience. Knowledge can be acquired through hard work ”.

Ma could be shown the number of examples of self-made entrepreneurs who have applied what they have learned in the classroom to their businesses. One is Michael Bloomberg ($ 59 billion, according to Forbes), who graduated from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Business School, and has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

However, the words of the rich Chinese are worth asking if the current educational model adequately trains future millionaires and successful entrepreneurs or if, as Ma says, they ‘just’ teach knowledge.

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