Why Mark Zuckerberg represents the characteristics of the worst bosses

The rebranding of the company formerly known as Facebook to Meta may have been the first sign to many that Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership was faltering. Harvard Business School Professor Emeritus Bill George is quick to point out that the CEO’s lack of leadership, coupled with a series of questionable decisions, will continue to derail the company’s path if he remains CEO of the giant. technology, while becoming an example for other entrepreneurs of the actions that should not be replicated.

The expert, who also previously served as CEO of the electronic technology company Medtronic, believes that “Facebook is not going to do well while [Zuckerberg] remain in command.” “This is probably one of the reasons why people leave the company. Truly she has lost her way.”

George says that the tycoon’s case is not unique, but that there are several leaders who have made the mistake of “lose sight of their values ​​and purposes as leaders – especially in the name of money, fame or power.

Goal Competitors

Zuckerberg’s first misstep is avoid blame and rationalize mistakes to find other rootsGeorge explains, citing as an example the moment when the CEO and others responsible for Facebook blamed their competitors, Apple and TikTok, for the stock market loss that suffered a day in February of this year of 232 billion dollars, the largest historical drop in American records, without pointing out the development expenses of the ‘metaverse’which did not have the reception they expected.

On the other hand, George points out that the tycoon’s priority is glory and economic benefitsrather than its customers and users, which has led to numerous controversies over Facebook’s security flaws and harmful effects of the social network on mental healthconflicts that have only been tried to correct after numerous scandals.

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Why Mark Zuckerberg represents the characteristics of the worst bosses