Why is Bill Gates investing in an air conditioning company?

Bill Gates and its investment fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) have started to support a start-up air-conditioning called Blue Frontier with a round of 20 million dollars.

The bet is not surprising if we know the objectives it has Blue Frontier: be respectful with the environment.

Why does Bill Gates invest in Blue Frontier?

Blue Frontier is working on technology that will make the air-conditioning be more efficient with fewer harmful environmental by-products.

The startup uses between a third and a fifth of the amount of refrigerants that would be needed for a conventional system and, because the construction of the machine is different from that of a conventional air conditioner, it can use a refrigerant with a potential lower global warming.

This technology, according to CEO Daniel Betts, was discovered in the midst of an operation to kill airborne anthrax: with liquid desiccants, chemicals with a lower vapor pressure level than water. When the moist air passes said product, the water is extracted and dehumidified.

They claim it generates a 60% reduction in annual energy use and an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

against climate change

In March, the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center released a study that found that air-conditioning units that cool the air release 531 million tons of carbon dioxide each year, and that 599 million tons are emitted by removing moisture.

“Summer peak demand is not just a problem because it causes blackouts,” Betts said. “It increases the cost of electricity and produces more greenhouse gas emissions.”

It is expected that Blue Frontier launch its products in 2026.

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Why is Bill Gates investing in an air conditioning company?