Which phone does Bill Gates use (and is it worth it?)

We know that Bill Gates won’t buy a iPhone. It is not a matter of competition, or contempt for the apple company, however, in a 2021 interview he stated that he is more used to using Android, so iOS may not seem so comfortable to him, so he will stay with devices that can support that operating system. On the other hand, we might expect that the founder of Microsoft would choose a device from that company for his daily activities, but this is not the case.

Bill Gates’ smartphone

During one of his usual Reddit question and answer sessions, a user asked Bill Gates what is the phone he used, and his answer was quite surprising since not only is it not a Microsoft device, but it is also one with a design that is becoming more and more popular, and that came to give diversity to the smartphone market . His choice for this 2022: The Samsung Galaxy ZFold 3.

That’s how it is. Gates prefers the proven quality of Samsung in the high end than the SurfaceDuo 2 from Microsoft, and a flip phone it is a curious choice as it is both modern and a little old at the same time. Let’s not forget that gates He lived much of his life with flip phones so maybe he wanted a return to the past. What might appeal to you is that the Samsung’s screen is very large and comfortable, certainly coming in handy for a man like him. “With this screen I can work with a large laptop and the phone and nothing else.”

This phone is designed for multitasking and includes an S-pen that facilitates its use and allows you to take notes and give you more precise use. Its display is Dynamic AMOLED, with graphics that focus on improving images to reduce visual fatigue. It features 12GB RAM and 256GB internal memory, the ability to use two SIMs, a long-lasting battery, and an Octa-Core CPU with a speed of up to 2.84 GHz.

Visually it is attractive and it is absolutely comfortable since, due to its design, it can be kept in a vertical position on our desk and we can hold it in various ways, having a large screen to be able to play and watch series (although we do not know if gates Do that).

The Samsung Galaxy ZFold 3 it’s not very cheap. It exceeds the price of 32 thousand Mexican pesos, however, it is definitely one of the smartphones of the future and we could see Gates staying with it for at least a while longer.

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Which phone does Bill Gates use (and is it worth it?)