Where do you deliver, neni ?: WhatsApp will include a “Yellow Section” in its app

Through a message, Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp is working to introduce a kind of Section yellow at your service, that is to say a directory.

In his own words, the Section yellow from WhatsApp They will make it easier for people to find information about local businesses.

This option is in the development phase, so a trial version will only be released in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil.

WhatsApp Yellow Pages (Mark Zuckerberg)

We are building a modern ‘Yellow Pages’ ( Yellow Section ) on WhatsApp , to search and contact local businesses directly within the application. Launch in São Paulo today and hopefully in more locations soon

Mark Zuckerberg

At the moment there are no details that the Section yellow reached the accounts of WhatsApp of all the world; it will depend on your performance on this test.

Although Mark Zuckerberg did not mention it, analysts point out that adding the Section yellow a WhatsApp it is part of the app’s monetization plan.

Since its acquisition, Facebook has looked for non-intrusive ways to make WhatsApp a general business tool, not just a messaging service.

What is the Yellow Section that would reach WhatsApp?

The Section yellow that WhatsApp plans to introduce would be a digital version of the old directory that was distributed for free in homes.

This directory, known in the United States as Section yellow, it contained all the information of the businesses near the place of residence.

It came in alphabetical order and you could find there from hardware stores to pizzerias, they were chain or small establishments.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages (Unsplash)

With the rise of the digital age the Section yellow fell into disuse; fragmenting all your information in various specialized applications.

WhatsApp It aims to put all the data back together in one part without people having to open or go to other apps to consult it.

In Mexico they had their own version known as the Section yellow, which has its own independent application to another service.

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