WhatsApp will make your new privacy policy optional, except in these cases

The abyss opened before WhatsApp when it announced, at the beginning of the year, its new privacy policy. Millions of users left the messaging network after learning that their data would be shared with Facebook, among other decisions. But now a different scenario opens up.

In accordance with WABeta Info, the new terms may be optional, except for those with WhatsApp Business accounts.

Specifically, users will be able to continue to use the service as is, even if they do not accept the updated terms of service. The only exception, as we have said, are WhatsApp Business accounts.

If you want to use the messaging network to chat with friends, family and acquaintances, just ignore the terms. But if the issue goes with business accounts that use cloud providers, WhatsApp will ask you to “review and accept the update”, according to the screenshot shown by WABeta Info.

There is no specific date for the change yet, but it is expected to be this year. The Facebook company has yet to confirm this.

WhatsApp’s new (and controversial) privacy policies, with their reactions

WhatsApp policy updates cover three situations:

  • The way in which the messaging network processes your data.
  • How companies can use Facebook-hosted services to store and manage WhatsApp chats.
  • How WhatsApp partners with Facebook to offer deeper integrations across all of its products.

Initially, the changes would take effect on February 8 and whoever did not accept them would see their account disabled.


After the announcement, a very important stir was generated among users. Let us remember that we come from complicated years, both in US politics (the electoral issue of Donald Trump against Joe Biden and his protests) and in health (the coronavirus pandemic).

Millions of WhatsApp users, concerned about privacy, migrated to other networks that they consider more secure, such as Telegram and Signal. There is talk of more than 75 million in the first weeks after the controversial announcement.

This forced WhatsApp to rethink its strategy with the update, moving the deadline to May 15 and allowing whoever did not accept it to keep their account with some restrictions.

And now this path arises, of allowing the refusal to update. Mark Zuckerberg’s network continues to seek to bounce back from the shocks suffered in the year.

Article: Soure