WhatsApp will change access to your camera to take photos and video

It is no surprise to anyone that the main application of Messenger service snapshot in the world, WhatsAppupdates its operating system often, nor is it that new features appear in each new version, sometimes they are long awaited, although some functions can take users, company clients, off guard Goalwhich belongs to Mark Zuckerberg and who also manages the networks socials Facebook and Instagram.

With the New Year 2023 there are high expectations of what is to come, but something that begins to enlist in the Beta version of this popular digital platform of messages for users who test the progress of what is on the way is one that Modify the way you take photos and video in the app.

The advance is provided by the medium WaBetaInfowhich is dedicated to analyzing the news that appears in the beta version to let the public know what the advances released on said portal are about.

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Changes are coming soon for the way to access your camera from WhatsApp. (pixabay)

Thus, the predicted change is that a specific section will appear to capture photoswhere the distinction will be made between the recently captured images and those that can be taken from the application, thus separating these categories of content as reported.

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When you press the camera button directly from your cell phone, you will soon see that two capture alternatives will be offered, where one would be specific for photos and a specific option for video.

Emphasis will be given to the configuration of the camera to take photos, which will also indicate when it comes to photos that are stored in your Gallery and that can be sent to your WhatsApp chats in addition to letting you start record a video immediately, the secondary mechanism will separate the media you can share from that folder.

Remember that WhatsApp recently launched the Community function, which has a quick access button where the camera button used to be. With the modifications in the main screen of the interface, it was forced to create a new route to enter the camera tool.

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That is why the developers renewed the native access to the camera in the app, with the changes being tested so that users who want to see what the novelty is about can use it at no cost.

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WhatsApp will change access to your camera to take photos and video