WhatsApp: what does XD mean and when to use it in the app

If you are looking for curiosities or elaborate functions in WhatsApp, Then this is for you. The fast messaging app not only serves to send all kinds of text, but it is the favorite of users to be able to send photos, videos, GIFs and even funny animated stickers.

Currently the app has released a tool that allows you to play a voice message with twice the speed of normal. This way you can save some time in answering in WhatsApp so that you don’t make the other person wait.

Now there are certain details that you would like to know. Although in the app you can send all kinds of emojis, from different colored hearts to the most expressive yellow faces, there are also things that few know.

This is the case of the “XD”. If your friend, instead of sending an emoticon, sent you these two letters, either in uppercase or lowercase by WhatsApp, wants to tell you something. Know what it means.


According to the web XD expresses “laugh out loud.” He even mentions that “when turning it 90º to the right, it resembles the representation of a face with its mouth wide open and its eyes squeezed tightly as a symptom of a loud laugh.”

But not only that, this emoji of WhatsApp It can be written in various ways such as “XD”, “xD”, “Xd”, “xd” and “xq”.

Learn about the fantastic meaning of “XD”, the most popular letters on WhatsApp. (Photo: Fem Attitude)

Although it is so popular to send this “X” accompanied by a letter “D”, it is not accepted in the . Its first appearance, according to the Wikipedia portal, was in 1952 as a symbol of the army , given to multiple uses, the symbol and / or emoticon, was made known in many Latin American countries.

On the other hand, many people often confuse this symbol with “by God.” Although it does not have that meaning, it is time for you to use it without confusion on WhatsApp.