WhatsApp Web Scanner, your option to open an account on 4 cell phones

Due to the versatility of the instant messaging mobile app most popular in the world WhatsApp the number of downloads and active clients in the world, is a benchmark among the digital platformsbut precisely for those users who are looking for more features that are not found in the original app, there are several unofficial variants that are used by those who find the tools that are only found there functional.

In addition to WhatsApp Plus, which stands out for allowing greater ease in customizing the platform as well as unique emojis; the benefits of whatsapp web scanner allow users to sync up to four phones at once, something the company Goal –owned by Mark Zuckerberg and to which social networks also belong instagram Y Facebook– It is developing but has not yet released as part of the improvements that are regularly received with its software updates.

This feature has not been released yet for the millions of WhatsApp customers, but with the WhatsApp Web Scanner variant it will be possible by using a specially generated QR code to link the mobile devices.

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With this function you can have shared chats on a maximum of 4 phones. (Freepik)

Remember that with Multi-Device Mode the way is paved for this possibility in the original application, but it is already available in an unofficial presentation that you can find in the application store. Google Play Store.

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If you use an iPhone with iOS operating system you can also get the program from the store apps storewhile on Android devices you can directly search for the apk file for install. In these cases, always try to find the download link from reliable websites to avoid infecting your device with any malware.

It is also important that you uninstall the original application from your cell phone, to prevent the company from detecting that you have an unofficial version and disabling your user account. Also consider making a backup with a Backup and now yes, enjoy the application and its functions.

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As we saw before, WhatsApp Web Scanner is an unofficial variant that has been modified from the original platform to add features that it doesn’t have, but that make it practical for its customers. In this case, its ability to open the same synchronized user account on four phones stands out, which would be helpful, for example, for a customer service chat in a business or at work.

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WhatsApp Web Scanner, your option to open an account on 4 cell phones