WhatsApp: the trick to share your statuses on Facebook

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. It was created in 2009 by the programmer Jan Koum, and although at first it was only available on cell phones iOS, then came to Android and it became massive.

It grew so big that a giant like Facebook He was interested and after months of negotiations, in 2014 he made his purchase: he paid 21.8 billion dollars for the app. In addition, its growth did not stop, it launched a WhatsApp-Web-this-is-the-function-to-be able-to-edit-the-photos-from-the-version-for-PC-20210816-0004.html “target =” _blank “>web version, will soon reach tablets and already has more than 2 billion users worldwide.

But since the company is owned by the giant created by Mark Zuckerberg other things also changed. The technology conglomerate began to implement modifications so that its applications have a WhatsApp-was-confirmed-the-worst-news-for-users-20210808-0013.html “target =” _ blank “> tool that allows them to interact with each other. For example in Instagram There is an option that after activating it you will be able to automatically publish all the statuses that you upload to Facebook.

now, this same action will arrive for WhatsApp. Although it is important to clarify that at the moment this function is only found available in the beta version of WhatsApp Anyway, it’s coming to the stable version soon, which everyone has access to.

It is a button that is located under the tab “States” and they called it “Share on Facebook story”. In addition, not only the content will be published, but also the description that you have placed on the instant messaging platform owned by Facebook

With this tool you will no longer have to take a screenshot, download a video or the gif that you liked and then publish it on Facebook, therefore, we recommend installing the WhatsApp beta so that you can previously test all the tools in development.

How to download WhatsApp Beta on Android?

First, you will have to look for the Testing WhatsApp at Playstore and click on ‘Become a verifier’. Although at the moment there are no places available.

In the event that a quota is released, you must download WhatsApp Beta.

If you already have the trial version installed, you will only have to update it.

How to download WhatsApp Beta on iOS?

The first thing you should do is download TestFlight on the App Store.

When you have installed it, simply open this link to apply for a position in WhatsApp Beta to iPhone.

Now you should be redirected back to TestFlight.

Press Accept to get the position and it won’t take long for WhatsApp beta to be installed on your cell phone.

It should be noted that on iPhone the participants of the WhatsApp beta are a little more limited.

Article: Soure