WhatsApp: the impressive number of messages sent per day

In an era marked by the pandemic and isolation, the use of instant messaging applications was consolidated as a predominant activity in the new routine of people. This situation made WhatsApp become more popular than previously achieved, registering an incredible amount of users.

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It was even during the pandemic that Mark Zuckerberg and the entire Facebook team, sand they turned to integrate new functions thought for these remote dynamics. Currently, experts on the subject assure that WhatsApp it is a much more robust platform than before, and that was just reflected in the number of messages that people send daily through the app.

How many messages are sent per day through WhatsApp?

According to the statistics that Mark Zuckerberg’s company manages, daily, globally, about 100 billion messages are sent.

Despite the bulky average figure, the company reported that the number of messages sent tends to grow during special dates.

The American businessman paid 19,000 million dollars for the courier service. Photo: EFE

By the year-end holiday season, for example, shipments typically skyrocket to higher numbers.

A little history

In 2013, the company announced that the app will be paid from the first use, despite that, in those years it had more than 200 million users. At that time, a team of 40 people was responsible for managing the sending and receiving of billions of messages. Even on January 2 of that year, WhatsApp posted a photo through its official Twitter account, in which it can be read that that same day they reached 18 billion messages sent and received.

In February 2014, Facebook announced the purchase of WhatsApp at $ 19 billion, which in euros represented $ 13.8 billion.

Without a doubt, it was one of the largest transactions in the technology sector. One of the founders of the messaging service, Jan Koum, even joined Facebook’s board of directors.

Nowadays, is a company that has 55 employeess, mostly engineers, who are in charge of managing an app with more than 450 million users per month.

The platform has progressed over the years, and is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry y Windows Phone.

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WhatsApp: the impressive number of messages sent per day