WhatsApp is ‘much more private and secure’ than iMessage, says Mark Zuckerberg

The CEO of Goal, mark zuckerbergcriticized iMessagethe courier service Manzana, and noted that WhatsApp is ‘much more private and secure’ thanks to the end-to-end encryption that your app maintains by default.

Zuckerberg is in a constant war against Tim Cook for his companies, both coming out to attack the other whenever they get the chance.

“WhatsApp is more secure than iMessage”

In a post made in New York City to promote WhatsAppZuckerberg said his app is much better for privacy-conscious users.

WhatsApp is much more private and secure than iMessage, with end-to-end encryption that works on both iPhone and Android, including group chats. With WhatsApp You can also set all new chats to disappear at the touch of a button. And last year we also introduced end-to-end encrypted backups. all of which iMessage still does not have”, said the CEO.

End-to-end encryption means that the messaging system is built in such a way that the content of the texts cannot be seen by the service provider and cannot be provided in response to a legal request.

So much WhatsApp What iMessage they are encrypted, but messages and device backups in any of the services can be stored in a way that the company can access them. SMS messages are stored by wireless cellular carriers.

Goal has considered Manzana as a competitor for years, even before Facebook’s parent company started moving into computer hardware like its VR headset. “Our biggest competitor, by far, is iMessageZuckerberg said on a 2018 earnings call.

Everyone against Apple

Meta ads emerge after Google took aim at the blue bubbles of iMessage in a campaign of its own during the summer. Google wants that Manzana Adopt RCS, a next-generation text messaging system that replaces SMS messages with new features and improved encryption.

iMessage is available for iPhone, Mac and iPad. Users who regularly text Android users say that “green bubbles,” like the SMS messages that appear on iPhones, is “a very inferior experience.”

A person recently questioned Tim Cook “because he couldn’t send videos” to his mother due to the limitations of SMS messages. “Buy your mom an iPhone,” the executive replied.

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WhatsApp is ‘much more private and secure’ than iMessage, says Mark Zuckerberg