What the experience of working with a billionaire is like, according to former colleagues of Elon Musk and Bill Gates

A few former co-workers have revealed what it’s like to work with some of the most successful tech leaders of recent years. who have worked with Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos shared some of the lessons they learned with them.

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Bill Gates knew when someone pretended to be an expert on something

According to the medium Bill Gates insistently asked questions to identify those who pretended to be experts in something they did not really know. It was hard to be in a room with him and not notice that he had that ability. Over time I was able to recognize those who were not willing to admit that they did not know something “Chris Williams told the outlet.

Williams was a Microsoft executive and spent 8 years meeting regularly with Gates. According to the former executive, the tycoon questioned him in 1992 when they met so that they could argue why their product was better than Microsoft’s”.

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According to him, Gates had the ability to capture a lot of information and identify what mattered and what had to be done.

Jeff Bezos and accepted that it was difficult for a large team to work in a bearable way

Former Amazon vice president and chief of staff to Jeff Bezos, Colin Bryar, listed 13 things he learned from the leader over the 12 years they worked together. “Among them, the importance of reacting quickly to trends, redoubling efforts on initiatives that work to minimize risk and accept how difficult it is for a large team of people to work side by side”points to the middle.

Bryar remembers that Jeff Bezos held a weekly 4-hour meeting with his direct reports, instead of meeting with each of them individually. The executives attended “regardless of whether or not the agenda touched on their responsibilities”. Amazon’s founder “I wanted everyone to know how each other’s work worked to help them row in the same direction as a team when it came to solving a crisis”.

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“Musk doesn’t like people talking back to him”

Carl Medlock, a former Tesla head of territory, said on The Iced Coffee Hour podcast that he was once in a meeting where someone disagreed with Elon Musk. After that event, he remembers, he never saw that employee again. “Musk doesn’t like people talking back to him”, Medlock pointed out.

“When Elon gets up at the end of a meeting and says, ‘This is the direction we’re going to go,’ you get up out of your chair and you better go that way.”he added.

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“However, he says that, despite this, Elon Musk can be fun if you’re on his side and for not being from the automotive industry, he asked Medlock some very interesting questions during his final interview for the job.”noted Business Insider.

Furthermore, Medlock commented that she never saw him socialize or joke around with the employees.

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What the experience of working with a billionaire is like, according to former colleagues of Elon Musk and Bill Gates