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Bill Gates has a rather unique relationship with the cell phones. The company he founded in 1975, Microsoft, was for years a competitor to Apple with its Windows Phone operating system.

In fact, both iPods and iPhones were blacklisted from the Gates’ home for their children, despite the fact that in the United States the Apple phone is widely used among teenagers.

After the end of Windows Phone in 2017according to the tycoon himself in a question and answer session on the Reddit platform, Bill Gates decided to adopt the Android platform.

Although he always has an iPhone at home to test things, he said.

Android finds it more flexiblesays Bill Gates, and has better integration with the tools of the company from which it was withdrawn in 2008.

Even so, the universe of Android phones is huge. It was when they asked him the question that occupies the title of this note.

What cell phone does Bill Gates use?

At the moment, Bill Gates has a team Galaxy Z Fold 4, the same one that Samsung introduced last August. The folding phone of the South Korean giant also has a detail.

I have a Samsung Fold 4 that JY Lee gave methe director of Samsung, when I saw him in South Korea to update my Fold 3”, Gates confessed on Reddit.

“Of course, I use Outlook and a bunch of Microsoft software on it. The screen size allows me not to use a tablet, just my cell phone and my laptop, with a Windows computer”, clarified the tycoon.

Thus Bill Gates, who for years was the richest man in the world, and who today has the seventh largest fortune on the planet, something like 103,000 million dollars, avoided spending the $1.7 million necessary to acquire a Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Chile .

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samsung phone

The Z Fold 4 is the latest version of the line of phones with a folding screen that Samsung has been selling since 2019..

Opens and closes like a notebook, thanks to its two screens that reach the dimensions of a small tablet. And it also has a third “external” screen on the phone’s cover, so you can use it like a regular phone without opening it.

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What mobile phone does Bill Gates use? – Third