What is X, the super app that Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter into

“Buying Twitter is an accelerator to create X, the application for everything”, he expressed in his social network account after convincing himself of its potential to become an application with different services.

The original intention of the owner of Tesla Y SpaceX, among other companies, was to acquire Twitter to become a guarantor of “freedom of expression” in its maximum representation, that is, allowing the circulation of hate speech without major restrictions or regulations.

However, Musk’s recent message put on the table the real plan on which he hopes to bet for the next few years, in case his acquisition is confirmed. According to Zoe Kleinman, BBC Technology editor, a transformation could be considered to turn it into a kind of WeChat, the Chinese app.

If the plan materializes, the changes would enable the entry of Payments and purchases of foods, added to the existing private messages and publications of public content, such as videos, audios and text.

The super apps do not yet have a presence in the West, but they are recurrent in markets such as Asia, where in addition to WeChat there is also Grab, a widely used platform in Singapore that allows access to different services, such as ordering taxis, food or different types of services. products.

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Currently Twitter It has 300 million users globally and, according to specialists, has not yet made the leap that Tik Tok and Instagram, among others, have made, thus offering potential that others do not have. On this he intends to sustain the base of the changes that Musk intends to implement.

The “application for everything” that the richest man on the planet plans to create could include a payment system, with its own virtual wallet, as is the case with existing super apps, through which the user could pay in installments or in installments. instantly with QR.

In the eastern market there are options such as GoJek, in Indonesia, or PayTM, of India, which also allow you to book a manicure, buy and receive fuel for a motorcycle or pay a traffic fine.

In the case of wechat, A source of inspiration for Musk, it is a super app that has more than 1.3 billion users, only in China. Its users can pay for services, buy products, send messages or money to other users, among other advantages.

However, there are those who warn that the possibility of having everything in a single application gives companies too much power over our lives. This is because platforms like WeChat offer loans based on a scoring system created from the information obtained from the use made by users of the app itself.

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What is X, the super app that Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter into