What is Starlink: how much does it cost in Chile and how does Elon Musk’s Internet work

Since 2021, the Starlink kit and monthly service can be purchased in Chile, the new way of connecting to the Internet, produced by the company SpaceX, created by billionaire Elon Musk. The device with the program has a price (one time only) of almost $600 thousand, while the monthly service costs almost $100 thousand.

Elon Musk became, this 2022, the wealthiest man on the planet thanks to his companies. One of the tycoon’s creations with more than 250 billion dollars in his pocket, is Starlink, an Internet network that reaches every corner of the planetand that in Chile exceeded more than 3 thousand clients.

According to what was published by Thirdaccording to data from Subtel, the company owned by Tesla, tripled its presence in the country in five months.

The connection system promises to be a complement to current Internet networks and allow access from anywhere, thanks to the thousands of satellites designed by SpaceX.

What is StarLink?

According to the specialized technology site, Xataka, Starlink is a satellite Internet service developed by SpaceXElon Musk’s company, with the idea of ​​putting thousands of satellites into orbit to bring the service to every corner of the world.

The devices began to be sent to the orbit of Planet Earth in 2017, and already this year, the number of satellites to connect to the network from practically anywhere, provided that the required conditions are met, was completed.

As said by Elon Musk himself, the idea of ​​starlink it is to be a complement to current connections such as fiber optics or 5G and not be a competition for them.

How does StarLink work?

Based on what was reported by the same company, Starlink enables video calling, online gaming, streaming and other high data rate activities that historically have not been possible with satellite Internet.

Perhaps the highlight of this new Internet connection service is that users have the option to take Starlink with them through the Portability function and connect anywhere on the planet.

star link It consists of a kit -previously configured- that must be plugged in and installed facing the sky (without obstacles such as ceilings, or even clouds). Once ready, it will use the signals from the thousands of satellites floating in space.

These signals will be sent to the WiFi router that is included in the kit, and that must be connected inside the house.

What is the value of Starlink Internet in Chile?

The price of Starlink, compared to other Internet services, is quite high. To acquire it, you must pay the value mentioned kit (antenna, router and cables), plus shipping costs, plus the program (hardware) that allows you to operate it.

In addition, you need to pay a monthly fee for the service. Specifically, the single cost of the kit and hardware is 576 thousand Chilean pesos, while each month, 92 thousand Chilean pesos must be paid.

To access Starlink Internet products and service, you must log in to the company official page and contract it through a virtual transaction.

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What is Starlink: how much does it cost in Chile and how does Elon Musk’s Internet work