What is Bill Gates’s favorite cell phone? the billionaire has his preference

The percentage of iPhone vs Android users tends to vary by region and market. In the United States, for example, the iPhone has a market share of 45-50% approximately, while Android takes the rest. However, in Latin American and European countries, Android has a much larger market share due to its wide availability and variety of devices at more affordable prices, which is no surprise to anyone.

But among so many options, preferences and ways of interacting with a mobile phone, Which one would Microsoft tycoon and co-founder Bill Gates go for? Here we tell you!

There has always been an enormous interest in knowing and understanding more about the habits, trends and other things of tycoons, but today we are going to talk about Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. It’s more common than you think to see interviewers asking Gates personal questions about technology, which he answers without hesitation. An example of this is the type of phone you usesomething that has been known for a long time and has been confirmed again, in addition to providing the reason behind his choice.

Bill Gates has said in several interviews that he does not use the iPhone because he has a close relationship with Microsoft, the company he founded, and prefers to use mobile devices with the Windows operating system. He has also mentioned that he uses an Android phone to test Microsoft mobile apps.

Now, we know that he has a greater preference for the Android operating system, but what mobile phone does this tycoon carry in his pocket? Well, Bill Gates has a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which he personally received from the company’s CEO, JY Lee. And that he now uses in replacement of his Z Fold3 that he used to use previously.

Through a open chat with users from the Reddit platform, Gates revealed “I have a Galaxy Z Fold4 that JY Lee, the president of Samsung, gave me when I saw it in South Korea to update my Fold 3.” In addition, the tycoon stated that his preferred email program is Outlook, and also mentions using various Microsoft programs, to take advantage of the large screen of his phone.
This foldable phone From the Samsung brand, it includes the best features of past versions with additional features to provide a more complete user experience, whether your screen is open, closed or in Flex mode. Additionally, it is the first device with Android 12L, a specific version of the operating system developed by Google to enhance the experience on large screens, especially on folding devices.

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What is Bill Gates’s favorite cell phone? the billionaire has his preference