What is Bill Gates’ tactic to play Wordle?

wordle has become fashionable and even Bill Gates he is so hooked that he has his own strategy. At Uppers we are also fans of this online word game so we have investigated what is the tactic of Bill Gates to play Wordle.

The game was developed Josh Wardle, a Welsh software engineer who previously programmed Place and The Button for Reddit, a web community in which interests and news are added and where users have the possibility of adding texts, images, videos or links. This engineer knows how to keep the interest of the community and create need, something that he has also achieved with Wordle.

even his own Bill Gates has recognized that he participates in this challenge every day since last february. Recently, in one of his blog posts and on his social networks, he assured: “I can’t stop playing!” What’s more, he explained to his followers several tricks to solve each puzzle that the game poses on a daily basis.

The wordle it’s an online game now available in 64 languages in which Each day there is a hidden five-letter word that you have to figure out. It is very simple, the player is shown a rectangle divided into five square spaces in which he must write the letters of a possible word. To find that keyword there are only six attempts. After each proposal, the system indicates successes and errors through a color code.

For example, in the Spanish version of the game, the box that lights up with a gray background indicates that the chosen letter is not part of the word. If the background is tinted yellow, the letter is correct, however it is misplaced. On the other hand, when the box turns green, the player has guessed the letter and its position in the word. Thus, in the changes up to a maximum of six, it is possible to find the solution. One of the rules of this entertainment is that it is possible that certain letters are repeated, therefore, the clues that provide the colors are independent for each one. In addition, the game is complicated by the proposal of accented words and scientific words.

Bill Gates’ strategies to solve Wordle’s challenge

On the occasions when Microsoft founder and co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has referenced the game He affirms that he is not the best but that he does sign up for the challenge every day. He said that last February or March Wordle was one of the first activities in his morning routine. As Gates described: “If you’ve played Wordle, you know how important it is to make your first guess strategically. I like to start with a word that contains a lot of vowels, like AUDIO or OUNCE.”

He also says that he has a tactic that consists of starting by trying with two vowels in the second and fourth position or with three interspersed vowels. Your second step is add consonants that are usually written in pairs like the C and the H or the S and the L. On the other hand, Gates assures that as in everything it is necessary to practice.

Wordle does not request personal data

Wordle is different from other online games as it can be played from a mobile phone, a laptop, a tablet, the TV or a PC with internet access. It is just a website without ads or advertising of any kind. It does not request personal data and does not imply registering or downloading an app. Gates remembers that it is possible to play in practice mode to gain skill and speed. He also says that he likes share the hits with your friends as it is a way to keep in touch with them on a daily basis. It highlights that “Wordle and other puzzle games are an excellent way to compete with your friends, to be connected with people, because the challenges are the same for everyone.”

The particularity that it is only possible to discover a daily word also has made Gates have the need to expand the activity with his friends. Thus, it has been targeting other similar games such as Quordle, where four words are guessed, Octordle, for eight words, and Nerdle of mathematical equations, since in all of them the scores are compared.

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What is Bill Gates’ tactic to play Wordle?