What if we are looking in the wrong direction?

Vitalik Buterin visited Argentina (@criptobastardo)

Half of the portals and news channels reflected with concern the rejection of the Chamber of Deputies to the budget project sent by the ruling party. The other half expressed their interest in opening the new Wanda Nara store in El Abasto. Meanwhile, he entered through Migrations, like Pancho through his house, a rockstar from the crypto world.

“Taxis? Remises?” It was not until a revolution began to be generated in Twitter that some media began to timidly raise the visit of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, to Argentina.

Buterin, who on his phone has –declared– a net worth of at least one billion dollars and three million followers on Twitter, He arrived without security and, probably, he can go for a walk around Palermo going almost unnoticed.

The Nikola Tesla of the Metaverse play in a different league to that of the entrepreneurs or businessmen we know. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, it moves outside the logic of the traditional capitalist financial system. The Silicon Valley dream is being replaced by the dream of the Metaverse and decentralized capitalism. Under the logic of what Byung-Chul Han calls “The not things”. The earth order replaced by the virtual order.

Argentina in virtual order

It is not necessary to describe Argentina’s problems on the ground. The overabundance of information about it makes it an obvious and obvious topic. But what about the virtual order?

Argentina is among the 10 countries with the most developed crypto ecosystem in the world. We are the South American country with the most transactions in cryptocurrencies, with twice that of Brazil. Probably, due to our problems in the field order and the great talent that we still have.

The idea that Buterin came to “see inflation closely”, which was spread in some media, operates with the same logic as the budget discussion: believing that we only have to look at the ground order, as Byung says. The number of projects developed by Argentines on the Ethereum network are a much bigger attraction than inflation. Santiago Siri, for example, developed Proof of Humanity, whose token, UBI (Universal Basic Income), promises to revolutionize the world of work, human subsistence and production.

The decentralized virtual platform Decentraland mixes a cryptocurrency (MANA) with the concept of virtual ownership of parcels of land on the Ethereum blockchain. It was also founded by Argentines: Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano. Another Argentine, Federico Ast, is behind Kleros, a cooperative that resolves disputes through decentralized applications.

Buterin’s visit should serve as an excuse to reflect on the question with which we began this column. What if we are looking the wrong way? What if we are not paying enough attention to what is literally happening right under our noses?

I am finishing writing this note from a cafe, surrounded by other people who are immersed in the virtual world of their laptops. No large offices, no need for a technology pole or a physical space to open. Maybe it’s time to start looking more at this new logic. We will never know if at the table in front, behind some flip-flops with socks, there will be a project that is revolutionizing the world.


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What if we are looking in the wrong direction?