What companies make up Meta Platforms, by Mark Zuckerberg

The February 4, 2004, five Harvard University students created the social network Facebook. 18 years later, Mark Zuckerberg has turned this platform into Meta, a conglomerate of technology companies that is already positioned among the ten most valuable companies of 2022.

Later, on October 28, 2021, Facebook changes its name to Meta Platforms. From there, the entire conglomerate has become more unified and Zuckerberg is already setting his sights on the metaverse, the new virtual reality. These are the companies that make up this technological giant.

What companies make up Meta Platforms?

  • Instagram: Zuckerberg’s company acquired the famous photo social network in 2012.
  • Atlas Solutions: It was bought by Facebook in 2013 and ceased operations in 2018. It included marketing, tracking and monitoring tools for ad managers.
  • WhatsApp: The messaging app joined the group in 2014.
  • Oculus VR: This virtual reality company also joined in 2014.
  • LiveRail: A video monetization company that matches advertisers with publishers. It was bought by Facebook in 2014, according to Inspiration Feed‘.
  • FriendFeed: This platform helped collect information from websites and share it through a link. It stopped providing service in 2015.
  • In 2019, Meta acquired Beat Gamesa video game developer.
  • CTRL-labs works with technology control technologies directly with the brain and became part of Meta in 2019.
  • In 2020 buy 10% of Jio Platformsan Indian technology company.
  • Giphythe GIF search engine, is bought in 2020 too.
  • Onavo: This web analytics company collects data from users to protect them.
  • beluga and zenbe: These companies were acquired to help develop Facebook Messenger.
  • Ascent: manufactures solar-powered drones designed to bring the Internet to the world’s most remote places.
  • Little Eye Labs: this company creates mobile applications and helps test the efficiency and productivity of others.
  • Mapillary: Swedish-based open source database dedicated to mapping.
  • tbh: It was a survey app that allowed users to ask questions anonymously.
  • ProtoGeo: It was a company dedicated to developing applications for the world of health and sports.
  • redkix: An application designed for the work environment and the improvement of communications between employees. Perfect to help the development of Workplace.
  • parse– Creates cloud-based back-end tools and services that help developers build apps for a variety of devices.
  • Threadsy: This company helps brands connect with influencers.

Other companies that Facebook (and Meta) have acquired

But the list of companies that make up the Meta conglomerate does not stay here According to ‘Inspiration Feed’, many others are part of the great technology. While some help to diversify the business or develop new applications, others are based on artificial intelligence or the creation of video games.

Among them are: Vidpresso, Boomsbury AI, Kustomer, PrivateCore, PlayGiga, Sanzaru Games, Scape Technologies, Faciometrics, Confirm.io, Servicefriend or Grokstyle. Other subsidiary companies controlled by Meta Platforms are: Packagd, Beat Games, Chainspace, Ready at Dawn, Downpour Interactive, AI.Reverie, Lemnis Technologies, Unit 2 Games, BigBox VR, Dreambit, Fayteq AG, Zurich Eye, Ozlo, CrowdTangle, Nascent Objects, Infiniled, MSQRD (Masquerade), Endaga, Pebbles, Two Big Ears, Quickfire Networks, Wit.ai, TheFind, Inc. WaveGroup Sound.

Besides, to these are added: Branch, SportStream, Monoidics, Jibbigo, Spaceport, Storylane (Mixtent), Hot Studio, osmeta, Acrylic Software, Spool, Lightbox.com, Face.com, Karma, Caffeinatedmind, Glancee, Tagtile, Gowalla, Push Pop Press, Strobe, Friend .ly, Sofa, DayTum, MailRank, RecRec, Snaptu, Rel8tion, Hot Potato, Chai Labs, Nextstop, Drop.io, ShareGrove, and Within.


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What companies make up Meta Platforms, by Mark Zuckerberg