What Bill Gates says about the time of dirty energies in the West

“Should coal plants be reopened? It can be,” said the billionaire. “Should the gas field in the Netherlands be reopened? Maybe yes,” he added.

The co-founder of microsoft, Bill Gatesbelieves that humanity will be forced to continue turning to dirty energy to save the world economy in the midst of the ukrainian crisis and the policy of sanctions against Russia. Also, the billionaire predicted that West will depend on Petroleum and of gas Russian for at least another decade.

In an interview with Bloomberg, gatesknown for his investments in new climate technologies, stressed that alternative energies cannot provide any short-term solution and pointed out that ordinary citizens can get excited about the idea that renewable energy sources will be key to resolving the crisis who lives today Europe.

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“Sadly, most climate things, at best, are fixes 5-10 years from now,” he explained. the tycoon. “So when people say to me, ‘Hey, we love your climate work, as we can tell Putin we don’t need it.’ I tell them, “Yes, but 10 years from now,” Gates said.

The creator of the green technology accelerator Breakthrough Energyaffirmed that, in the next 10 years, so that «people don’t die of the cold«, Europe should resort to «any solution, even if it means that emissions are going to go up».

“Build more ships dedicated to LNG, more pipes. Do we have to reopen coal plants? It can be,” Gates said. “Should the Los Angeles gas field be reopened? Netherlands? Maybe so,” she added, while admitting that “green spending had fallen to almost zero in 2016.”

However, Gates expressed the hope that “in the long term” all the measures to be taken will be “good for the climate”.

The billionaire also stressed that, for governments that are facing internal problems —such as in the field of health and the fight against the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic—, while “financing” the conflict in Ukraineit is more difficult “to get people to recognize that the climate is important”.

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What Bill Gates says about the time of dirty energies in the West