What are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg looking for under the Greenland ice? The answer has to do with electric cars

Little by little, global warming has exposed territories of the planet that for centuries remained under the ice. Two of these areas are located in Greenland and have become the perfect setting for billionaires like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos (well, their companies) to start a search to find a priceless natural treasure.

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The two territories are disko island and the Nuussuaq Peninsulaboth located in the waters of Baffin Bay, off the western coast of Greenland, and are believed to contain minerals and metals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt that are essential for the electric car industry.

According to a note published by CNN Greenland will be one of the first territories to experience first-hand the severe impacts of climate change, but at the same time it will become a focal point for providing the world with the minerals needed to resolve the crisis.

The three millionaires (Bezos, gates and Bloomberg) are financially supporting a California startup called Kobold Metals so that, in alliance with the local mining company, Blue Jay Miningand using the artificial intelligence Find the precious minerals needed to build electric vehicles and batteries capable of powering them.

Although governments and the auto industry say they are ready to make the move to electric vehicles, it will take a lot of batteries to make them work, and that will only happen if manufacturers have access to the minerals needed to make them.

That is why Greenland draws the attention of millionaires and companies that feel that they could find the answer to one of the great problems that the electric automotive industry presents in order to really take off.

Greenland’s refusal

But not everything is so simple and the melting of the ice fields in Greenland will not provide all the answers. In November last year New York Times published a report explaining that local indigenous people refuse to be exploited by foreign companies. “The inhabitants, who are already suffering the effects of climate change, do not want to suffer even more so that the rest of the world can drive electric cars”, explains the article published by Jack Ewing in the newspaper and which shows that the path to reach agreements that allow exploitation could be arduous and complicated.

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What are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg looking for under the Greenland ice? The answer has to do with electric cars