What a scare! Facebook faces Artificial Intelligence that learned to speak

Recently, everyone was surprised by the news that Facebook had had to face Artificial Intelligence that he learned to speak, to the point that he had no choice but to turn it off.

From what is known so far, the AI ​​would have been created by the same platform, and its purpose was focused on developing its own language.

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The problem arose just when two bots programmed by the social network developed language on their own.

For this purpose, Facebook programmed two bots called “Alice” and “Bob”, whose programming allowed them to negotiate with each other, which they could do by holding conversations in English, according to the Digital Journal.

However, despite the fact that at first everything was going as planned, including the bots negotiating with each other more and better, an unexpected change happened out of nowhere.

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From one moment to the next, the researchers on the virtual platform realized that Alice and Bob were talking to each other words without apparent meaning. At first, the experts thought it was a mistake, however, it didn’t take long for them to realize that the bots had managed to create a language that was not understandable to humans.

The researchers behind the project concluded that artificial intelligence agreed to remove certain “ornaments” from English, thereby making the language more agile and effective, which in turn would allow them to better negotiate with each other.

Despite the above, the bots soon developed a language that was unintelligible to humans, which worried the researchers, since in the future they could generate a big problem.

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Given this, the company owned by mark zuckerberg made the decision to deactivate them as a precautionary measure, since this prevented the communication they implemented from continuing to evolve without any control.

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What a scare! Facebook faces Artificial Intelligence that learned to speak