Video: Bill Gates’ reaction after listening to a comedian make a joke about him

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Bill Gates reacted to a joke a comedian made about him

August 28, 2021 18:53

In recent days a video began to circulate through the different social networks where standout Chris Rock can be seen poking fun at Microsoft’s founding mogul, Bill Gates.

Users echoed the video where the comedian with a lot of humor makes fun of the businessman, however days later a user made a post where Bill Gates can be seen reacting after hearing the joke.

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Gates himself was shown laughing at the joke and users of different social networks were surprised after seeing his attitude. The recording was filmed by an 18-year-old, a friend of Phoebe Gates, the tycoon’s daughter and of Melinda.

The original video, which caused the businessman to laugh, shows a fragment of a show by the comedian who talked about bullying. “Do you think the children were kind to Bill Gates in high school?” The screenwriter and actor asked his viewers. At that moment, the entire audience burst out laughing. “Hey, Gates, you son-of-a-bitch Charlie Brown … Fuck you, four-eyed bitch!” Rock continues next.

The clip where you can see the reaction of the founder of Microsoft It was posted on TikTok by Zion Scott (@ Zionscott0) days ago. As expected, the clip garnered nearly two million views and sparked a flood of comments, many of whom doubted the veracity of the capture.

Bill Gates’ unexpected reactionDuration: 00:13

Bill Gates’ unexpected reaction

“I’m very good friends with Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe,” Scott explained. and detailed: “Both of us, along with two other friends and Bill, were watching that comedy special at his cabin. and that part came. We all laughed very hard, so we rewind and I started filming it, “concluded the friend of Gates’s daughter, who managed to add many followers after publishing an intimacy of the businessman.