Vegan burgers, with microchips introduced by Bill Gates? The latest conspiracy theory

Bill Gates He is a character that arouses admiration in many, but only suspicions in others. They consider that he is behind unbelievable situations in the world for the sole purpose of earning more and more money. What is the latest conspiracy theory behind the billionaire and philanthropist? That has introduced microchips in some vegan hamburgers.

The accusation was made on the Newsmax program The Balance in the United States. Host Eric Bowling asked producer Ilona Braverman if he could tell the difference between a real burger and a branded one. Impossible Foodscreated from plants.

This company has the investment of Gates, who seeks in vegan food a healthier way for the development not only of humans in particular, but of the planet, reducing the use of animal meat.

Bill Gates’ microchips in vegan burgers

Braverman’s response surprised everyone, but it’s a testament to the level of hysteria surrounding Bill Gates and everything he does.

“I want to eat something that is real, that’s the real thing that came from Earth, the planet that was actually meant for us to eat.” Braverman begins his speech.

Up to here, all good.

But is.

“Not from a laboratory that is made of I don’t know what, of chemical products, with implanted chips… I don’t want to eat Bill Gates’ plate of fake meat”.


What are Bill Gates Invested Vegan Burgers made of?

Although the host, Bowling, agreed with the first part of his producer’s opinion about not wanting to eat lab-grown meat, he did clarify the origin of vegan burgers.

This is, nothing more and nothing less, than soy. Therefore, they were still made of “things that come from the Earth”.

Impossible Foods vegan burgers are lab-created by chef David Chang in Silicon Valley. But by counting on the investment of Bill Gates, the conspiracy theorists immediately begin to speculate about its origin, just as it happened with the COVID vaccines or dozens of other objects with the philanthropist behind.

This is our world.

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Vegan burgers, with microchips introduced by Bill Gates? The latest conspiracy theory