Users mock Jeff Bezos’ spaceship by comparing it to a sex toy

Today, the special race is no longer led by the national agencies of the superpowers and is instead run to a greater extent, by private space agencies, as they would be. SpaceX from Elon Musk and Blue Origin from Jeff Bezos, being the latter, the one that is giving more to talk about, but unfortunately, it is for all the wrong reasons and it is that, his new rocket, is being compared to a sex toy, but why?

Jeff Bezos’ new spaceship is mistaken for an adult toy

The spacecraft developed by Blue Origin, was baptized with the name of New Shepard and it was used by himself Jeff Bezos to travel to space, guaranteeing its 100% functionality. The popularity it has had has been so great that a miniature version has even been released for sale, but as expected, the memes did not take long to arrive:

And it is not for less, since the ship has a design that easily resembles an adult toy and many users on the network did not miss the opportunity to ask their questions and statements, even the followers of our fanpage joined the trolling :