UFC: Mark Zuckerberg bought the UFC 161 event but his wife did not have a good time

In the week prior to ufc vegas 61 Endless rumors and speculations were generated, contemplating that after a long time the event was taking place without the presence of the media and there were no ticket sales either. That’s why it was leaked mark zuckerberg had “rented” the event and, although Dana White denied it, the billionaire was present with his wife, who broke the news. The reason? A video of her looking terrified during a fight went viral.

Recently the founder of Facebook Y Meta CEO announced that she is expecting her third child with priscilla-chan. One of the ways to celebrate it was by witnessing the event of the UFCcontemplating that his partner (priscilla-chan) is a fan of mixed martial arts and has great admiration for mackenzie dernwho was in the main event of the night.

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Despite her attraction to sports, an image went viral in which the future mother was not having a good time. In the video that toured social networks, she is seen in the front row with a terrified face while two fighters hit each other nonstop.

The presence of both could have confirmed the theory that the American acquired the event to see it with his family and friends, so there was no press or public. That transcended had a lot of repercussion and worried the fans, so the owner of the company was forced to clarify the panorama: Dana White he had to make a public statement that even assuming that was absurd, or in his words, “total crap.”

Could I have acquired it?

In the virtual world they began to wonder if a wealthy person could actually have the benefit of closing an arena and transforming a public day into a private event. Although the company linked to the mma they move a lot of money, the truth is that the technology billionaire has an impressive capital.

According to estimates of ForbesMark’s net worth is currently $54bn, of which about $21bn is in the form of shares belonging to Meta (he currently owns 14% of the company).

they didn’t like it

mackenzie dernwhom Zuckerberg’s wife admires, lost a split decision to yan xiaonan. Although the North American defeated Xiaonan in takedowns, submission attempts and control time, the key blows were the ones that made the difference for the fighter from China.

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UFC: Mark Zuckerberg bought the UFC 161 event but his wife did not have a good time