Twitter rejects Musk’s new arguments to break the purchase agreement

New York, Sep 12 (EFE) .- Twitter rejected this Monday the new arguments presented by Elon Musk to cancel the purchase agreement of the social network, focused on the accusations of the company’s former head of cybersecurity and a multimillion-dollar payment that the company he did when he fired him.

Twitter’s lawyers responded today to Musk’s most recent notification, in which the billionaire claimed that the compensation paid to the executive, Peiter Zatko, violated the terms of the agreement that the two parties had reached.

In its response, the social network considers that Musk’s letter is “invalid and illegal” and maintains that he has not breached anything signed.

The two parties will go to trial in October in a specialized court in the state of Delaware, after Twitter sued the businessman for his decision not to complete the operation of 44,000 million dollars, which he originally announced last July.

In August, Musk again notified the cancellation of the purchase, this time using complaints made known by Zatko, who until last January had been the head of Twitter’s cybersecurity.

Zatko, also known by the nickname “Mudge”, has transferred a report to the US authorities in which he assures that Twitter has serious cybersecurity problems, that it has lied about them to regulators and that it has neither the capacity nor the interest to determine the number of fake accounts on your platform.

Last week, Musk’s legal team presented new arguments to justify the cancellation of the purchase based on a payment of more than 7 million dollars that the social network made to the former executive after his dismissal.

That payment, part of an agreement on Zatko’s departure, would violate, according to the billionaire, Twitter’s commitment not to pay compensation to employees beyond the usual.

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Twitter rejects Musk’s new arguments to break the purchase agreement