‘Twitter Blue’ will be relaunched by Elon Musk on November 29 and will come with a feature that should have been ready weeks ago

Elon Musk changed the price of ‘Twitter Blue’added new features to it, and in the process created a major phishing problem when it allowed users verified by the blue badge (which is now acquired when you pay for ‘Twitter Blue’), to change their name and impersonate celebrities and entire companies.

So now Musk has an idea: officially relaunch ‘Twitter Blue’ membership that now it would prevent subscribers from changing their name. If they wanted to, then they would automatically lose the blue verification, regardless of whether they are paid users.

The idea comes, unsurprisingly, from Musk’s Twitter account. The tycoon and owner of Twitter who is currently being accused for firing employees who disagreed with his ideas about the new direction of the company, he said that the new subscription launch will be in a couple of weeks, November 29.

The fact that there were users who acquired the blue verification and then changed their name to impersonate famous people and companies, was what caused Twitter to go ahead with its re-verification project. The new gray verification and “official” legend would serve the same purpose as the blue verification at the time, as an account authentication service provided by Twitter itself.

‘Twitter Blue’, take two

The fact that ‘Twitter Blue’ users will now not be able to change their name without any consequence will come as one more lock to combat identity theft, an issue that has been considered a “security risk“by marketing and advertising agencies such as GroupM. A couple of days ago an account that posed as the pharmaceutical ‘Eli Lilly’ tweeted that its insulin products would be free and, as a result, the company lost 6% of its market capitalization.

Previously, the agency Omnicon Media Group, which represents brands such as McDonald’s, Pepsi and Apple, advised clients to pause their investments in Twitter, according to a memo seen by The Verge.

The relaunch of ‘Twitter Blue’ has the potential to address security concerns and loopholes that were opened by the new verification system and openly allowed for phishing. By the way, Elon Musk could accompany someone else’s announcement, such as the arrival of ‘Twitter Blue’ in other markets.

If not, the relaunch of ‘Twitter Blue’ looks to be grey. Not because it’s not important to put in a new lock to prevent cross-account phishing, but because it would be the announcement as it should have been a few weeks ago, with the hype about a more robust and solid membership coming, now. Yes, with more solutions than problems.

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‘Twitter Blue’ will be relaunched by Elon Musk on November 29 and will come with a feature that should have been ready weeks ago