Twitter blocks Kanye West for an anti-Semitic tweet, with Elon Musk in the middle of the controversy

Twitter has deleted an antisemitic tweet posted by kanye-west after complaining that his account Instagram was blocked for exactly the same reasons. With Elon Musk in the middle, who seems to get into all the controversies on the internet lately.

The artist, who hadn’t posted a single piece of content on Twitter since November 2020, returned by tweeting a photo of him and Mark Zuckerberg at karaoke. The image is accompanied by a text that says: “Look Mark, how is it possible that you kick me off Instagram now.” To which Musk replied, “Welcome back, my friend.”

Following Kanye West’s announcement, the hollywoodreporter has confirmed with Instagram that the social network activated restrictions to publish new content. It also removed some images after repeatedly violating various community standards.

West had posted a series of screenshots of a conversation with Sean “Diddy” Combs, where he made anti-Semitic rhetoric. Among other things, he accuses other musicians of being controlled by “the Jews.”

Elon Musk’s welcome to Kanye West seems to have given rise to the musician using the social network to explain and elaborate on his anti-Semitic conspiracies. Twitter proceeded to remove the posts with rhetoric that is often common among white supremacists. It also placed a restriction on the artist’s account, who is prohibited from posting content until further notice.

Elon Musk tried to buy Twitter by making a $44 billion offer. After backing down arguing that the number of bots on the social network is much higher than officially revealed, the entrepreneur and the company are in a complex legal fight that could last for months.

Days ago Kanye West caused surprise, and not a good one, during his participation in Fashion Week in Paris. Both he and his models walked the runway wearing a t-shirt with the supremacist slogan White Lives Matter. It is a kind of response to movement Black Lives Matter which was born in 2013 after the wave of violence against black people in the United States. Especially after the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Pamela Turner, and Rekia Boyd.

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Twitter blocks Kanye West for an anti-Semitic tweet, with Elon Musk in the middle of the controversy