Twitter begins to mark the official accounts beyond the blue tick and Elon Musk “kills” it within hours

Since Elon Musk took the reins of Twitter, the social network lives in a constant earthquake. Not only at the labor level, will have a direct impact on the division of Spain, but also has tightened the rules of use. However, the most drastic change comes with the end of the blue tick as we know it. Now, changes the account verification process and the company has tested it today, including on EL ESPAÑOL networks.

During the day Twitter has shown a second message with which it certifies that an account is real under the nomenclature ‘Official’. This new name is in testing and has come to appear in profiles such as EL ESPAÑOL or Vandal. However, Elon Musk has decided to put an end to her sharply: “I just killed her” (I just killed it)”, to instantly insist that the blue check will be the one that brings the true level to the profile.

Musk has confirmed that it was a test. “Keep in mind that Twitter will do a lot of nonsense in the coming months. We will keep what works and change what does not,” he commented in a message from his account profile.

The tagline ‘Official’ has appeared during the day under the Twitter user in the media and journalists. Users whose name cannot be changed at the risk of losing any possible verification forever. And it is that Musk has toughened the punishment for those verified accounts that change their names or do not specify that they are a parody.

Official count”

This system was originally reserved for governments, companies, businesses, media and public figures, according to Esther Crawford – former CEO of Squad and who has priority access to the tests that Twitter is doing – advanced. She anticipates that it is still unknown what the process will be like to choose which social representatives have the distinction of the platform.

New check mark on Twitter



Also, Crawford explained that This Official label will not be transferred to all users who currently have the blue verified tickso that users who lose the blue mark and want to maintain their previous status will have to pay 8 dollars a month.

The former head of Sqad also explains that when Blue’s verification is activated through a payment method, verification through an identity document will not be necessary, as was the case until now. In any case, Twitter will continue to experiment with the formula for maintain the balance between credibility and profitability.

Exodus to Mastodon

The truth is that the uncertainty that hangs over Twitter has not only made advertisers freeze their advertising contracts on the social network, but also users look for alternatives to have a public square in which to continue talking and finding information.

Mastodon Screenshots

Mastodon Screenshots


One of the great beneficiaries have been Mastodon. The application explained that it had triggered the registration of new accounts at the moment in which Musk had taken the reins of Twitter, a period in which it coincides with a stampede of Twitter users who, according to MIT, it already exceeds one million accounts.

[Cómo abrir una cuenta en Mastodon paso a paso si quieres huir del Twitter de Elon Musk]

Bot Sentinel, a platform that fights misinformation and tracks social media bots, has analyzed behavior on Twitter by tracking the daily activity of more than 3.1 million accounts. According to your data, collected by MIT Technology Review, “Around 877,000 accounts were deactivated and another 497,000 were suspended between October 27 and November 1. That’s more than double the usual number,” said Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel.

Those figures, applied to the 237 million “monetizable daily active users” that Twitter currently has, imply a 208% increase in lost accounts in just five days, from Musk’s bizarre entrance into the offices of the company hauling a sink until he put a price on the blue tick. Your latest decisions may lead to even more loss of users, if you go ahead with his plan that everyone pays to use the social network.

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Twitter begins to mark the official accounts beyond the blue tick and Elon Musk “kills” it within hours