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What has been the secret of the success of the millionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson? Your to-do lists.

That’s how it is. Success can start with a simple pen and paper. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. In an entry of his Blogthe founder of Virgin shared a page from an old diary in which he wrote a pendings list on November 6, 1972.

Photo: Richard Branson

Among the things the billionaire entrepreneur wanted to do were learn to fly and open more record stores.

This listing, made by an ambitious 22-year-old Branson, shows the nature of the dreams that ultimately led to his success. In fact, you can see short-term goals like cleaning his store and inviting more people to it.

“I was 22 years old at the time, which could explain why one of the tasks was to fix my life. I’m not ready to say I’ve made it yet, but it’s wonderful to look back on this list and realize what followed,” the CEO wrote.

“A year after writing this list, we launched the Virgin Records label from The Manor, signed Mike Oldfield and released Tubular Bells. The record became one of the best-selling albums of the decade and put Virgin Records firmly on the map.”

Forty-five years later you can see where these dreams propelled Branson. He has one calculated fortune at 3.6 billion dollars, owns an island of his own and owns an organization that encompasses about 450 companies. You can tell that Branson goes very well with his to-do list.

Richard Branson when he was 22 years old.


In his blog post, the millionaire emphasizes his love for these types of lists:

“To-do lists not only give you a structure to do the things you have pending, they also help you achieve your dreams”

Do you use to-do lists like Branson? What do you put in them?

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This was the to-do list that made Richard Branson successful – Entrepreneur