This is the small prefab house that Elon Musk lives in

Elon Musk, who owns SpaceX, one of the world’s leading space agencies, now lives in a 37-square-meter folding house, similar to a shipping container.

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He also owner of ‘Tesla Motors’ It has been a trend in recent days to reveal that he has sold all his properties, according to him, because he wants to have enough money to make his trips to Mars.

A fact that is also presented just when it has been criticized by pay little tax for his ostentatious lifestyle, as reported by ‘The New York Times’.

The truth is that his last house was recently sold for a value of 37 million dollars (142 billion Colombian pesos).

What has attracted attention is that the billionaire intends to live in a more austere way in a private house of a few meters. According to international media, he chose the small prefabricated house because it is a flexible model that could be replicated in space, that is, this would be the homes of the first colonizers Mars and the Moon, one of Musk’s aspirations.

Boxabl is the company in charge of the realization of prefabricated houses that designed and built the businessman’s new home, which cost $ 50,000 (193 million Colombian pesos).

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Boxabl Manufactured Homes Elon Musk Lives InBoxabl the company that makes manufactured homes that Elon Musk lives in.

“Boxabl’s mission is to significantly reduce the cost of housing for everyone. Their designs have the highest standards of quality, resistance and sustainability to last generations”Stated Paolo Tiramani, CEO of the company on the official Boxabl website.

‘Casita’, as the project was named (as it is in Spanish), is a 6-meter x 6-meter construction, with a height of three meters and built-in electrical appliances; refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer. It also has a bathroom with a bathtub, a living room and a bedroom.

It was built with materials such as concrete, EPS foam and steel. As it has inputs that do not degrade, it is expected to last for more than 10 years.

To acquire a house of these you can enter the official website of the company and there make the reservation of the purchase. They are limited places, because since it was known that Musk lived in this model, sales skyrocketed.

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