This is the new mobile that Bill Gates has chosen (and it is not from Microsoft)

Android or iOS? Billionaires also ask the same question when choosing a mobile for personal or professional use. Although, in general, the big technological brands usually give them away.

This has happened with Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who has renewed his old mobile for a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4a gift from Lee Jay-Yong, president of Samsung, as he himself confirmed in a thread of Reddit.

However, he has ensured that his other favorite option is the Microsoft Surface Duo 2besides that in software bet completely by your company.

“Of course, I use Outlook and a lot software from Microsoft,” he stressed. “The screen size means I don’t use a tablet, just my phone and my laptop, a Windows machine.”

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To this new Samsung terminal for his day to day, Gates has also recognized that use a surface studio as his work desk and that his office has numerous Surface Hub used as blackboards.

However, according to certain rumors that appeared in 2021, the founder of Microsoft had at least until that year a Iphone 5sa somewhat late model, with the aim of comparing Android and iOS.

Despite the fact that Gates bets on the gift of Samsung, the billionaires who bet on Android can be counted on the fingers. The only one on the list is Jeff Bezosfounder of Amazon, who uses Samsung after the failure of the fire phone of his own company.

Billionaires bet on Apple

As mentioned, Bezos and Gates are strange creatures when choosing Android, since almost everyone else who makes up the ranks of the world’s richest people chooses Apple.

In the case of Elon MuskAlthough he has not publicly expressed which mobile phone he uses, he has recognized the benefits of the iPhone and iPad in various interviews and, on occasion, has even been seen with an Apple terminal.

For his part, mark zuckerbergCEO of Meta, has been photographed on numerous occasions with an iPhone in his hands, although it is most likely that he did not buy it, but rather that the company gave it to him, thanks to the good relationship with its executives.

Finally, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google (Android), started by buying a Motorola StarTAC in 1995. In a interviewHe went so far as to say that he has between 20 and 30 mobiles at home, so it is most likely that he uses them like Gates, to establish comparisons between systems.

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This is the new mobile that Bill Gates has chosen (and it is not from Microsoft)