This is the luxurious 500 million euro sailboat with a giant pool with which Jeff Bezos tours Mallorca

Jeff Bezos has a strong relationship with Spain. Not only because of its origins with the Pucelano town of Villafrechosbut because it is also the place you have chosen to spend your vacation with your girlfriend and to launch your luxurious sailboat of 500 million euros with which he is touring Mallorca.

Everything that surrounds this millionaire is big. Not only does it have the largest mansion in Beverly Hills, it also decided to buy the second largest sailboat in the world with which he is spending his vacations with Laura Sánchez, his girlfriend. Until now, they have been in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca and Ibiza). All aboard Amazon CEO’s super sailboat, valued at 500 million euros.

The third richest man in the world (according to Forbes) sails on this 127-meter-long and 70-meter-high supersailer- It is the second largest sailboat in the world, second only to the hulking Sailing Yacht A, 143 meters long, owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

two years of construction

Built by shipbuilder Oceanco, the vessel was first seen afloat at the Greenport shipyard in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Due to the large wingspan of it, the manufacturer took two years to build the luxurious vessel. The case stands out for its intense black color, in contrast to the whiteness of the masts, each 120 meters high.

Although there are still no images of the interior of the Amazon founder’s superyacht, it is known that it has capacity to accommodate up to 18 passengers and a crew of 40 people. In addition, it has three deck levels equipped with a heliport, swimming pool, jacuzzi, a movie theater and an auxiliary dock for a second smaller yacht, which serves as support, as well as for boats or jet skis.

controversial inauguration

Along with its size and price, the luxurious vessel made headlines a few months ago because the shipping company wanted to remove the central part of the famous Koningshaven bridge from the city of Rotterdam. so that he could pass with the masts already assembled, which finally did not happen due to the refusal of its inhabitants. The alternative has been to tow the superyacht for approximately 38 kilometers, to the port of Greenport.

Forbes estimates that the Amazon founder is worth more than 162,000 million and currently ranks him among the three richest men in the world. In addition to being a giant in the e-commerce industry, Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post newspaper and the space company Blue Origin.

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This is the luxurious 500 million euro sailboat with a giant pool with which Jeff Bezos tours Mallorca