This is Maye, the model mother and nutritionist of Elon Musk

Elon Musk, as if he lived anchored in a role of quirky businessman of the 90s, it is still news every time you jump with a new measure for your newly purchased Twitter, maneuver that cost him 44,000 million euros. Among the controversy with check blue for verified users who now wants to start charging or with mass layoffs that they have finished with the company asking the laid-off workers to please come back, Musk does not stop being publicly pointed out as someone who, truly, would not be who he is without a past as an extremely rich young man who would have had to build his empire from the start. any.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that his own phrase has pissed him off so much in less than a week. “Comedy is finally legal on Twitter,” said the CEO of Teslaalthough it began almost immediately to close accounts. but not those that caused an almost 500% increase in the use of xenophobic words under the false protection of humor, but those who parodied him, they reproached him for paying taxes, they reminded him of his friendship with pimp Jeffrey Epstein, They referred him to the message from his ex-wife asking him to pay her child support or one of the things that bothers him the most: the beginnings of his economy. That is, money that came from heaven. Or, rather, extracted from the ground.

Maye, Elon’s mother, was born in Regina, Canada, in the spring of 1948, the fruit, together with his twin sister Kaye, of the union of chiropractors Joshua Norman Haldeman and Winnifred Wyn Josephine Fletcher. However, as the daughter of parents passionate about adventure (of those who traveled the world as ancient explorers, spending a decade in search of the Lost City of the Kalahari) At just two years old, he already lives in Pretoria, South Africa.

When he is 15 years old, and with the mediation of a friend of his mother, he enters a modeling school, quickly attracting all eyes and starring in some catwalks in his country, which at that time was still submerged in Apartheid. Although her family predicted that at 18 she would lose the idea of ​​continuing in the world, in 1969, still 20 years old, she was a finalist in the Miss South Africa contest, which would make his career take off until he had appeared throughout his life in magazines such as Time, fashion either she.

Likewise, he had taken a nutritionist course, although a moment that would mark his life was marry Errol Musk, five years her senior, in 1970, whom he had met during his time in high school. Errol owned his own emerald mine, which brought him many millions of dollars.

Of course, at the same time that the couple had their three children (the aforementioned Elon; Kimbal Musk, chef, founder of The Kitchen Restaurant Group and philanthropist; and finally the filmmaker and producer Tosca Musk), Maye was fed up with an abusive husband.

In her biography, Maye Musk recounts how Errol was “physically, emotionally, and financially manipulative and abusive.” and that he beat her in the periods when she was not pregnant. Since divorce was not legal in South Africa at the time, they could not be separated until 1979, signing the final papers in 1981.

Due to the abuse, Maye had gained about 25 kilos and with the iron discipline of a dietitian, a profession that she had continued to exercise for some clients during her marriage, she lost most of these to return to the fashion circuit, although she was assigned the role of plus sizes. In the words of Elon Musk himself, as he told the magazine rolling Stone in 2017, his father was “a horrible human being” -although this was not an obstacle for her to return to live with him that same 1981 because she saw him alone-.

Before, he had gone to study in Toronto, Canada, a country where his mother had to juggle financially to get there in 1989, since he had all his money blocked and he had to combine several jobs, as well as pull a strange investment maneuver from the past to get the tickets.

In his book, A woman, a plan: a life full of risks, beauty and successMaye says that she fed her children toast with peanut butter and vegetables, so that they had at least strength, as well as that she feels proud of not having treated them “like babies” or having “scolded” them. “I didn’t even have appointments, for fear that the candidate on duty would think of dividing the checking account,” came to reveal in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Since her children began to make money, she has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, being one of the models over 70 years of age most valued by brands, making history this year by posing in a swimsuit at the age of 74 for the cover of Sports Illustrated. Yes indeed, her refusal to continue dyeing her hair meant that there was a time when the firms stopped calling her when he turned 59.

After being the image of Special K cereals, returned to work, even turning to writing with books on nutrition that relaunched his career, coming to appear in the video clip hauntedby Beyonce. Her great passion now is that of her parents when she was little, traveling. Of course, as a curious news about her is that when he visited his son in Boca Chica he stayed to sleep in the garage because, according to herself, “you cannot have a luxury house near a rocket base”.

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This is Maye, the model mother and nutritionist of Elon Musk