This is how Zuckerberg, Bezos and Cook, among other billionaires, spend their vacations

Thinking about the holidays? After two years of the pandemic, Spaniards are eager to take advantage of the money saved during this period to enjoy their free time. Neither him current inflation scenario not even the most possible recession will prevent it. In the case of the billionaires and CEOs of Silicon Valley, the stock market crash of their companies does not mean that they do not have a proper vacation. Next, we tell you how and where they spend these hot summer months.

mark zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook and his wife like to travel regularly to their property in more than 605 hectares in the north of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, in the Pacific Ocean. Zuckerberg usually spends his time surfing, an activity that helps him disconnect from everything that happens in the San Francisco Bay.

In addition to this property, the CEO of Meta has a Tax on the shores of Lake Tahoe -located between the states of California and Nevada-, where on occasion it has been seen sailing through its waters.

Jeff Bezos

Although the Amazon founder has properties to choose from, it is likely that this summer he will choose Hawaii, as will Zuckerberg. Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, have recently purchased a house in an isolated area in the south of the island of Maui for 78 million dollarsas published Business Insider.

Given that the former CEO of the retail giant has a lot of free time since he left his post last year, maybe instead of catching a flight to the island in the future he will choose to make the trip aboard his brand new mega yacht of more than 125 metersonce it’s finished.

Tim Cook

Unlike Zuckerberg and Bezos, the CEO of Apple prefers to take advantage of his vacations to visit some of the US national parks. “I religiously go to one every year,” Cook said in an episode of the podcast. Outside in 2020.

Richard Branson

The billionaire founder of the Virgin Group must think it’s a small thing to have a house on an island, so he has a entire geographical feature only for your enjoyment and that of your guests. The island in question has an area of 29,946 hectares and is part of the British Virgin Islands.

Branson offers the possibility of book a room or the whole island. Those who decide to visit the island of the founder of the Virgin Group can practice water sports, diving and sailing, play tennis, do yoga or visit the spa.

Michael Dell

When it comes to his vacations, the Dell founder and CEO chooses his Hawaiian estate over his properties in Texas or New York.

The “Raptor Residence” is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, the “Raptor Residence” has an area of 1,718 square meters and seven roomsas published The Wall Street Journal.

Eric Schmidt

For his part, the former president of Alphabet prefers to spend his summers aboard his yacht of almost 60 meters for which he paid 72.3 million dollars. The ship, called Oasis, has a swimming pool and even a gym converted into a nightclub.

Furthermore, Schmidt has recently expanded its portfolio of summer residences with the acquisition of a 325-square-meter beachfront house in Malibu for $22.6 million.

Larry Ellison

Another of those who chooses Hawaii as a vacation destination is the founder of Oracle, who owns 98% of an island called Lana’i since 2012. Ellison took her for about $300 millionaccording to Bloomberg. The island has its own Four Seasons hotel and a Nobu sushi restaurant.

Marc Benoff

Like Zuckerberg, Brandson, Ellison and Dell, the CEO of Salesforce has a property in Hawaii for which he paid 12.5 million dollars in 2000. Located on the Big Island, the farm encompasses 2 hectares and has several buildings. Two decades after buying it, he appraised himself for $22.2 millionbased on Hawaii County tax records viewed to which he had access Pacific Business News.


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This is how Zuckerberg, Bezos and Cook, among other billionaires, spend their vacations