This is how Facebook can animate your children’s drawings

Since Mark Zuckerberg made it known Meta, the company has presented different possibilities and functions that the new metaverse that is being developed will have.

One of them was shown by the executive director in his social networks, the animation of drawings and sketches by means of a tool of the company that owns social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

The demo shows that all you have to do is upload a drawing and the web will take care of the rest, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to animate drawn characters.

Mark Zuckerberg introducing the metaverse.

Of course, it must be a humanoid figure and its limbs (two arms and two legs) and its head must be recognizable for this function to be effective, which until now is a prototype.

These are the recommendations to get the scan to work correctly:

– Make sure the character is drawn on a white sheet of paper without lines, wrinkles or tears.

– Make sure the drawing is well lit. To minimize shadows, hold the camera further away and zoom in on the drawing.

– Do not include any identifiable information, offensive content (see our community standards), or drawings that infringe the copyrights of others.

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If the sketch scanned by the system meets these requirements, the app will animate the characters and allow them to move, walk or dance.

In addition, the app allows you to download a video of these drawings to share with your friends.

Although it can be applied to the field of parenting or teaching young children, it has infinite possibilities. Artists and cartoonists, for example, can use this feature to animate their illustrations.

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The idea of ​​this project, as Meta explains, is to guide artificial intelligence in understanding how our world works from a human perspective.

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This is how Facebook can animate your children’s drawings