This is how Bill Gates predicted the arrival of Smart TVs in the 90s

Technological evolution has made tools, such as cell phones or televisions, change over the years. For example, in terms of televisions, at first they were black and white and with a different appearance than today.

Now, TV screens are flat, have vivid colors and are also classified as smart, since they can connect to the Internet and enjoy other services that go beyond broadcasting channels.

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Precisely, Bill Gates is one of the most relevant men who has gained prominence in the universe of technological evolution; in fact, It is estimated that this 67-year-old magnate and co-founder of Microsoft had the creation of Smart TVs in mind in the 1990sbefore the popular iPhone cell phones of the Apple brand appeared.

According to compilations of technology portals, such as xatacaBill Gates’ idea was to make the internet work not only on Windows, but also on other devices.

A report written by the American tycoon, dating from 1997, details that connectivity on TV screens was among his projects.

According to the letter, due to the rise of the time in relation to the creation of computers, the “vision evolved to connect PC and the television. The idea of ​​integrating the intelligence and interactivity of computers with the video and sound of televisions will accelerate as TV moves to a digital format.

Said text also contained the idea of ​​creating what would be a ecosystem of interconnection between various devices. Today Apple has such a feature with each of the products it offers in the market.

So at that moment, Gates thought was that several devices would work with Windows; Even those who know the subject say that the multifaceted man called this old project “Windows CE”.

In the same current of ideas, the millionaire philanthropist had in mind that the interconnection would give way to the creation of “personalized guides for programs or applications that allow you to view web pages or emails from the television”, as is currently the case with telephones. cell phones and Smart TVs.

Bill Gates
Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates attends a meeting with South Korean National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo (not pictured) at the National Assembly on August 16, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. – Photo: Getty Images

For his part, infobae collects that the project of the 90s also had notes on the ability to manage people to control aspects of the home, such as heating. These possibilities today are a fact with the voice servers of Google or Amazon, for example.

Also, coming back to the topic of smart TVs, Bill Gates saw these demanded devices as a mass entertainment tool that would later be adapted to digital.

However, it is vitally necessary to mention that all of the above came years later, but the proposal as such from the founder of Microsoft was just that, that is, an idea embodied on paper, since nothing materialized.

Smart TV / Smart TV.
Smart TV / Smart TV – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

On the other side of the scale, Steve Jobs did dare and managed to adapt different operating systems for each Apple brand product. This is not only a differentiating plus, but experts say that consumers considered taking the ‘combo’.

Thus, at the time that Gates raised the possibility of what is now known as smart televisions, Jobs was in charge of giving life to the now famous operating system that sets the trend at Apple: iOS.

The truth of all is that most blogs highlight the contributions of the duo of inventors, much more that of Bill because he is still alive.

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This is how Bill Gates predicted the arrival of Smart TVs in the 90s