This is how a Tesla explodes into the air, the video that Elon Musk will not want to see

See how a Tesla Model S explodes into the air. This test is not going to clarify too much about the characteristics, or the quality, of Tesla electric cars. Nor is it going to provide us with a practical lesson, which can be useful to us while driving a car.

Still, the wave of destruction generated by the explosions is fascinating, even mesmerizing. The same destruction that some Finnish youtuber have used to hook us with their videos and that now they apply to teach us how a Tesla Model S explodes through the air, which has been surrounded by explosives.

A Tesla Model S whose history we are convinced will not like Elon Musk and his family too much.

Two youtubers have teamed up to produce this video. The first of them is an old acquaintance of Diariomotor and on his channel Beyond the press has shown us slow-motion recordings of a press destroying objects of all kinds, has subjected a brake disc to extreme pressure and friction and has come to circulate on the wire with a car equipped with circular saws instead of wheels, as well as various other experiments with explosives. The channel Bomb dudes It also has its own collection of explosion videos.

The owner of this Tesla Model S has donated to the cause, and for the entertainment of the hundreds of thousands of viewers who have already seen the video, his electric car, disenchanted with the breakdowns it has caused in recent years.

Its owner spoke of various problems with the Tesla Model S battery and an invoice to repair it that could amount to € 20,000, at best, if Tesla confirmed it was fixable. Although it must also be recognized that, beyond the explosion, those responsible for the video have not wanted to make blood with those of Palo Alto and the youtuber of Beyond the press himself recognizes that he has a significant investment in shares of the brand.

We would love to say thanks to the writer of this short article for this remarkable web content

This is how a Tesla explodes into the air, the video that Elon Musk will not want to see