This is CyberOne, Xiaomi’s humanoid robot with which it is ahead of Tesla and Elon Musk

When Xiaomi made its summer presentation last year, the firm made history by presenting in Spain and in the rest of the world to his first robot dog, the cyber dog. A sample of engineering in the purest Spot style, from Boston Dynamics, which surprised the world with his skills. Now he does the same with CyberOne, the robot that own Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomihas presented.

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The one baptized as the first “full-size humanoid robot” developed by Xiaomi Robotics is now official. It is a robot that measures 1.77 meters, weighs 52 kilos and according to what Jun showed on her Twitter account, it is a robot that, among many other things, can walk, pick up objects and even climb some slightly steep surfaces.

Xiaomi illustrates it with a simple gesture: pick a flower The CEO of Xiaomi has made a small demonstration with CyberOne in which he demonstrates how this robot is capable even to speak

The first Xiaomi humanoid robot

Lei Jun has uploaded a video showing CyberOne on board the stage. In it, she shows how the robot is able to speak Although Jun does not specify if this is an actor’s performance or if the device is actually equipped with such a function.

The tone of sarcasm allows to see CyberOne move in a completely humanoid way. Walking, picking up objects, handing them over, and even mimicking kung-fu poses are just a few examples. However, what is really striking about CyberOne it is your design.

A sober aesthetic, in black and white tones and that stands out for being very similar to the conceptual designs of Tesla’s first robot, Optimus, which is expected to have its first prototype in September this year. In fact, especially the head, follows the same design line, with a semi-transparent head that reveals an inner screen that shows certain designs.

Lei Jun has not specified the exact technical characteristics or capabilities of CyberOne, which has made a brief presentation with the CEO on stage. Jun, on his Twitter account, assures that they still have “a long way to go”, hinting that this is nothing more than a prototype of a more functional device that will arrive in the near future.

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This is CyberOne, Xiaomi’s humanoid robot with which it is ahead of Tesla and Elon Musk