This is Bill Gates’ prediction about veganism and vegetable meats

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and one of the most influential voices in the United States today, has held a session on the Ask Me platform in which users send him questions on different issues. the billionaire He especially affected those related to the climate and veganism.

The billionaire considers meats of vegetable origin as a great alternative to be able to make a meat industry more respectful with the environment. “These products I think they will be very good overall. However, its share today is still small.“Gates has pointed out that he has not hidden his optimism about these products. Of course, he sees it as unlikely that the reason why a person decides to be vegan is to protect the climate and reduce emissions:” It is great that people want to go vegan but I don’t think most people do.”

In the same way, he has pondered the meat companies that are making efforts to be more respectful with the environment: “There are companies that manufacture ‘beef’ in new ways, that work with animals but reduce methane emissions.” He points out that the key to making progress on this issue is for sustainable products to be affordable: “The key to climate is to make clean products as cheap as polluting products in all emission areas: airplanes, concrete, meat, etc. This is the only way we can ask every country in the world to change. If it costs much more, we won’t be successful.”

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The businessman has been enthusiastic about the concept of “climate innovation” as one of those that should be in the spotlight in 2023 and for this, it has shown its predilection for the vegan industry and in general for the reduction of emissions in all areas.

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This is Bill Gates’ prediction about veganism and vegetable meats