This is Bill Gates’ plan against climate change: ‘Green Premiums’

Bill Gates is not only known for being a technology billionaire, he is also known for his philanthropy and his strong interest in technology. environmental care. For this reason, it was not surprising that in the Day Against Climate Change say a few words from his ‘GatesNotes’ to defend the earth.

“When I started learning about the climate change 15 years ago, I came to three conclusions. Avoiding a climate disaster would be the most difficult challenge people have ever faced in the first place. Second, the only way to do that was to invest aggressively in clean energy innovation and deployment. And third, we needed get going“, says the founder of Microsoft.

In this context, Gates explains that the world still needs to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions from 51 billion tons to zerobut “global emissions continue to rise each year.”

The IPCC annual reports show how the scenarios limit global temperature rise to 1.5 or even 2 degrees Celsius. In addition, Gates argues that some of the clean technologies that are being applied are still a long way from becoming “practical” and “cost-effective” solutions that we can implement at scale.

“In the last decade, we finally got going. For the next three, we have to go much further, much faster. I still believe that we can avoid a climate disaster, if we dedicate to the next generation mobilize the largest crisis response in human history,” Gates recommends.

Origin of emissions

To understand what it takes to get to zero emissions, “we must start by asking ourselves where do the 51 billion tons of emissions come from. Unfortunately the answer is everything and everywhere. That’s right, virtually all human activities produce greenhouse gas emissions,” says the philanthropist.

Gates Plan: ‘Green Premiums’

Gates proposes that, in this context, more research, development and demonstration; develop a fair and workable process for enlargement; and help people to adapt to climate change.

The ultimate measure of success has to be applied to global greenhouse gas emissions. “That’s why my tentative success plan is ‘Green Premiums’. We need them to be close to, at, or even below zero by 2040 for the full range of products and processes we need to replace. Progress will not go in a straight line. There will be setbacks along the way. but if we can get closer to the elimination of the Green PremiumsI’ll feel good about the long-term forecast for the weather,” suggests Gates.

According to the philanthropist, if this measure is applied, it will allow other countries, which did not have much to do with causing climate change, the opportunity to stop emitting greenhouse gases while growing their economies and raising their standard of living.

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This is Bill Gates’ plan against climate change: ‘Green Premiums’